What We Do

My Company Hiring

A career portal for every company. Easy to manage job portal that can be created and managed by recruiters directly.

Helps recruiters update current openings realtime and receive resumes directly into their inbox.

Coming soon at www.mycompanyhiring.com


A job portal for drastically reducing hiring cycle. A great tool in the hands of recruiters who want to hire people immediately. Most recruiters want anyway.

Join Buddy

Join Buddy is a solution to attract talent through reference. It helps employees to place a job Ad and share it with people in their network to attract resumes for openings within their organisations.

This helps build a strong reference pool of resumes for recruiters to hire faster.

Coming soon at www.joinbuddy.in

A place where you can find job description for any role. Useful tool for anyone - HR, Recruiters, Hiring Managers.

Useful in self assessment, assessing candidates, defining org structures and roles within a growing organisation.

Coming soon.

Knowledge Bowl - Breakfast meetings with a simple objective to learn more.

Launching soon in Hyderabad and Bangalore. Self sponsored and free events.